isabelle ferron marchand about

I’m a self- taught visual artist who loves to create art and travel. In fact, traveling is very inspiring. Seeing the world improves my vision and increases my energy. More importantly, it gives me new creative project ideas and a lot of new perspectives.

My process of making art is intuitive. Not only I want to give intensity to the subject but also, I want to recreate an atmosphere filled with emotions and soul, reaching the viewer.

In general, I work on several projects simultaneously because to make one artwork I need to use several sheets of paper. These pieces of paper are painted and I apply them on the canvas. The process of pressure is referring to the sand-ripples. I have always been fascinated by these geometric patterns carved by the waves on the sand by the sea. Pressure intuitively on the acrylic paint give mysterious patterns and the result is often fabulous.

I usually watch the contrast of my work in the dark. The main reason is that contrasted colors are truly important for me. I love them bright, but to tell you the truth, working on black and gold pieces make me feel very happy and satisfied.

Finally, you can find in my art a mix of transparency, opacity, contrast, shape, geometric patterns, skin paint and new colors created. Texture is catching light thus it gives a new dimension to the artwork.